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03. 03. 2021

In web design, like the fashion industry, more and more new trends appear every year. The field of technology is developing and almost every day small elements and ideas in web site design are invented and created, which then turn into a trend for many seasons in a row. When the New Year holidays are approaching, it is worth talking about fashion trends in web design for the next year.

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there is still adaptability and simplicity. Still popular in web design and graphics. Why does it matter? Responsive web design is exactly what makes the Internet resource more attractive to the visitor. The site is the face of the company, so it should be user-friendly. If the text on your site does not “merge” into a heap, and the sections do not overlap each other, then you can be sure that the resource is visited. Simplicity should be expressed in ease of use (readability, competent button layout). Do not “stuff” all possible animations, pictures on the page, do not use pretentious colors. Let it be better for a light graphic drawing on the background to attract attention, and not forever “jumping” buttons. Transparency is an interesting solution. Transparent icons, translucent fill of the block, under which the background is visible – this does not overload the site, it makes it visually more interesting. Don’t forget about the 3D effect. Small volumetric details will favorably distinguish your site from others and will place the necessary accents on the page, which will “cling” to the visitor’s eye. But that is not all!

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The specialists of our web studio recommend that you pay attention to the following 5 web design trends in 2018:

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модные тренды веб дизайна 2018 года
We should not forget about such design elements as geometric patterns, patterns, lines, color transitions (gradients) in the design of details, flat design combined with 3D elements, unique illustrations, mini videos. We recommend that you take these new web design into account when developing resources next year and make the site not only informative, but also beautiful.
Website design and programming can be considered one whole. So the demand for high-quality web design is beyond doubt. But what if your site was made a long time ago and looks old-fashioned, but there is no money for the new one? Here’s the solution:

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Redesign your site!

How do you know that your site need a redesign? There are several points to determine this.
First, the user does not linger on the website. The main task of any company website is to advertise its services, sell goods, inform the client. And what can a user find out if he does not linger on the resource? Nothing. Profits are falling.
Secondly, the site is not promoted in search engines. Again, profits drop as customers don’t see it when they search. This means that not only a redesign is needed, but also SEO optimization.
Thirdly, it is difficult for the user to navigate the site. This means that resource navigation is confusing or complicated. This scares off customers. Use the so-called “intuitive” button layout. All the necessary information (services, price lists, contacts) should be closer to the beginning.
Fourthly, the content and design of the site is outdated. Everything is clear here, no one will take seriously a company whose website design resembles the early 2000s.
Fifth, the name, logo, or specialization of the company has changed.
Sixth, buttons do not work, images are not displayed. Technology is advancing rapidly, and what was a worker five years ago may not even open up now. It is important to know that all new trends in web design are dictated by the media, new technologies, and even the fashion industry. It is necessary to understand that the life cycle of any trend is no more than 2-3 years, in the coming years it will be supplemented with more and more new ideas and solutions. So think ahead, remembering to keep up with the times!


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