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Would you like to use mobile technology for your business? At your service are our best application developers. We provide hybrid mobile app development services for iOS and Android so that you can interact with your customers on their favorite devices.
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Mobile development process
Communication with the client
In the process of communicating with the client, we define the goals and objectives of the mobile application. Its direct competitors and potential users, the most important functionality that needs to be implemented.
We prepare and sign a contract for the development of a mobile application.
Research of potential visitors
We determine the potential users of the mobile application, their age, interests, regions of residence. We look at the "pain" and the desire of users. We compile user-jorney for each user (page transitions, to the intended goal).
UX design development
We are developing the correct, in terms of UX design, prototypes of mobile application pages. This is necessary so that the user can work with the application as intuitively as possible, understand what button to press to get the necessary information.
UI design development
Next, create a UI design. The user should not only be comfortable working with the elements of the application, but also the general visual style should attract and keep the client in the process.
UI design should be minimalist, simple and clear.
Backend and frontend development
Our developers create a server-side application using Java and Node JS. This allows the application's API to interact with the database.
The application development process is divided into iterations. We plan each iteration together with our clients and provide results (implemented functions) in the form of demonstrations.
Support and maintenance
Web agency «Esfirum» on an ongoing basis, provides services for the support and maintenance of mobile applications created by us.
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