Pros and Cons of CMS WordPress

30. 11. 2021

CMS (content management system) – site content management system. Designed to provide the user with the most convenient way to manage and maintain the contents of the website. Slang name “engine”. On which CMS were the sites made by the Esfirum Digital Agency? Naturally, on WordPress.

We often ask ourselves why is it worth choosing a WordPress CMS? What is so special about this system? There are many free alternatives such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, ModX, Opencart, and paid ones – 1C-Bitrix, Shop-Script, Shopify, UMI.CMS, NetCat, etc. And these are only those that are the most popular.

There are more than 30 different content management systems on the market.

In this article we will try to tell you as simple as possible about all the advantages of WordPress over other CMS. But first, some statistical information.

According to the latest data, WordPress controls almost 60% of the market for all CMS! But what is even more impressive is the fact that almost 30% of all sites in the world work on this engine.

Next come Joomla and Drupal with 6.6% and 4.6% of the CMS market share. Right after this pair we have Magento – with a market share of 2.4%.

The most popular WordPress sites are the New York Post, the White House website, BBC America, Walt Disney, jQuery, The Sun and many others.

CMS WordPress is the fastest growing site management system in the world. On it, daily, 500+ new sites are created, compared to Shopify 60-80.

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Pros of CMS WordPress

  • WordPress is a completely free content management system. All files and the site database will be in your full ownership. You will be able to choose a hosting for your site according to your own wishes and needs.
  • The presence of excellent support from the developers. The core of the system is often updated, new modules, widgets, hooks are added, security and speed are enhanced. The network has answers to almost any of your questions that may arise regarding this CMS.
  • Thousands of plugins. The WordPress repository alone contains more than 1,000,000 free plug-ins for solving various problems. If it’s not enough for you, there are a huge number of excellent premium plugins on the CodeCanyon portal.
  • One of the most flexible and convenient engines for search engine optimization and website promotion (SEO). Free plugins such as “Yoast SEO” and “All in One Seo Pack” solve all the problems regarding internal website optimization (setting meta tags <Title>, <Description>, robots.txt and sitemap.xml files).
    Plugin – “All in One Seo Pack” we reviewed in the article Best Plugins for WordPress. There is no more need to write meta tags necessary for SEO in the code, plugins will do everything for you. It remains only to configure them correctly.
  • Convenience and simplicity of the administrative panel. WordPress admin is extremely easy to use. Even people without experience will be able to add new sections, pages, news, images. For complex sites – the admin panel easily adapts to any tasks using the plugin – “Advanced Custom Fields”. We also covered it in the article Best Plugins for WordPress. If you need to create a new landing page – no question.
    It is possible to create additional custom fields of any content: galleries, headers, text, pictures, tables, dynamic elements.
  • WooCommerce is the best solution for creating an online store. Believe me, in no other CMS you will not find so many additional extensions as for WooCommerce.
    Want to filter by product attributes and price? Decision
    Want to be able to choose the color of the goods with a beautiful icon, and not a boring thing? Decision
    Need to compare products on a page? Decision
    Maybe you want to establish the ability to select different currencies on the site? Decision
    The best part is that, unlike other CMS – premium plugins do not cost 200 USD. Prices vary – from 16 to 70 USD.
  • A huge number of design templates, both paid and free. WordPress itself contains in free access more than a dozen different templates that can be easily downloaded and installed. The portals – “Themeforest” and “Template Monster” allow you to purchase premium templates, in which there is an opportunity to choose any design specially designed for them.
    However, we want to warn you – the template for the site is “one time”. After installing it, it will be extremely difficult to finalize the site. You can read about why they should not be used in our article “Cons of WordPress Templates”
  • Easy to install and carry. WordPress uses the PHP programming language, which allows you not to buy special dedicated hosting. Any PHP hosting with a good rating is enough. Since this engine is completely free, you will not need to pay for its use.
  • The ability to expand the site system. Did you make a landing and want a full site? Not a problem, create additional pages with a unique design. Want another online store? Install WooCommerce and modify the site to fully support the online store. Tired of the online store and now you want to change directions to the crowdfunding platform? Please, using Woocommerce is all possible. The question immediately arises, but does the system withstand heavy loads? 10,000 products? 1,000+ website visitors per day? Yes! It all depends on optimization and good hosting. After all, after all, WordPress is just a “container for content”, the same as other systems, but with much greater capabilities.
  • High speed. With the correct construction of the template, including caching and the correct optimization of images and content, and WordPress with the help of plugins allows us to do all this, you can easily pass all the checks on the speed of loading the site on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and GT Metrix.
  • High security. Developers are constantly updating the system core, adding more and more quality protection. You can also install additional protection in the form of a plugin “All In One WP Security”. With it, you can protect the site from the selection of passwords in the administrative panel, protect the site database and file system, as well as establish additional protection against “worms”.
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Cons of CMS WordPress

WordPress is not an ideal CMS, it has some disadvantages that must be considered when choosing a content management system.

  • Constant full control of the site, its safety and correct operation is required. Installing plugins for automation does not remove the need for constant monitoring.
  • WordPress is not a website builder such as Wix, Shopify, Weebly, or Jimdo. Therefore, to make a site with a unique architecture and design, you need to make all its pages from scratch and only after that integrate them with WordPress CMS.
  • Many low-quality plug-ins, after the installation of which conflicts may arise between them. Because of this, the download speed of the site will not be high and will reduce the quality of the site in the eyes of search engines. And this, in turn, will greatly worsen the position of the site in search results.

This article provides a far from complete list of the benefits of the system. We have been working with it for more than eight years and constantly observe how it changes, how it is complemented and improved. With full confidence we can say that at the moment WordPress is the best CMS in the world for creating and promoting websites of any type!

Always yours – God of WordPress


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