Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM services. Full support of the brand in social networks. Want to increase brand awareness? Or stimulate the sales growth? Or maybe improve the company's reputation? We know how!
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  • Увеличение количества посещений сайта
  • Повышение узнаваемости бренда
  • Рост количества заказов
  • Поэтапное продвижение

SMM for business

Gradual promotion in social networks increases the number of active subscribers in groups and the number of orders, affects increase in brand, products or services awareness, as well as enhances the number of visits to your website.
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Why us
4 years of experience in targeting and advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. More than $ 40,000 of marketing budget used and hundreds of different industries. We know exactly how to make social networks work for you!
Strategy development
Development of a set of activities to achieve the best results. Creation of marketing persons corresponding to each segment of your audience. Development of a content plan. Determination of effective personalized ways of promotion in social networks.
Creating selling texts. Filtration of the target audience. Launch of advertising campaign.
Timely adjustment
When working on the project, our experts monitor efficiency of the advertising campaign. If necessary, they adjust the targeting conditions, make changes that lead to an increase in efficiency of SMM campaign.
Intermediate, final, for a separate campaign and for a project as a whole. Upon request, weekly, monthly or annually, according to the contract with the customer. You are always aware of what steps should be taken, why and when - all our work is transparent, reasonable and accessible.
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