Links as part of a site’s search engine optimization

24. 02. 2021

High-quality external SEO optimization provides for the creation of competent link content

If you need to promote a site to the markets of the former CIS countries, then link exchanges are considered the most optimal means for this. Link exchanges are a specialized resource on the Internet for buying and selling a variety of links for web sites. It works like this: the owner of the site sells space on it for links, and the SEO specialist buys from him the rights to place links to the site, which he is currently optimizing. Let’s take a look at a couple of popular link exchanges.

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The question “Where to buy links to promote the site?” – every beginner SEO asks himself. We recommend that you visit the sites of the most “efficient” and most visited link exchanges.

One of the most popular link exchanges is Miralinks. Miralinks is a leader among link buying and selling resources. The main task of the link exchange is to become an intermediary between the site owner and the SEO specialist. The base of this exchange of links is replenished with new resources almost every day, where you can post your own content with already registered links. And if you are “digging” deeper, and you are interested in where to buy perpetual links for website promotion, then the answer is the same – on Miralinks.

The second most popular link exchange is Gogetlinks. Gogetlinks also allows you to buy both temporary and permanent links. This exchange of links is valuable in that its creators conduct a strict selection of link donor sites, provides both financial guarantees and guarantees of indexation of those links that will be placed.

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The success of promoting a particular website directly depends on the correct placement of links. There are several basic rules that must be followed in order for your resource to promote quickly and efficiently. First, you need to write high-quality SEO optimized text with links already placed in it. Often these links are keywords or phrases. The text should be informative and readable, as well as interesting for people. Secondly, the site on which you would like to place content with links must be in the same topic as the resource that is being promoted. Thirdly, donor sites should have a good reputation with search engines, as well as have a good thematic citation index (TIC). TIC is a technology that determines the authority of web resources depending on the quality characteristics.

You already know where to place links to promote your site and how to do it correctly, and now it’s worth talking about which links to buy to promote your site. There are several types of links for website promotion:

  • Eternal
  • Rented

You buy rented links only for a specific agreed period and pay for them monthly (to make it clearer, you can, for example, draw a parallel with renting an apartment).Rented links are used by most of the SEO departments of various IT companies. Much more practical – eternal links. Perpetual links are paid for only once, which is much more expensive than renting a link. Despite the practicality of using perpetual links, both types of links are equally effective if used correctly for website promotion.

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First, you need to decide on what queries the site should be promoted for. Secondly, determine on which pages the links will be placed, carry out their SEO optimization. Then you can proceed directly to buying links. To do this, select a link exchange and make a purchase manually or automatically. It is important that the links are relevant to the topic, and there are not too many of them, especially if the site is new. This can create the exact opposite effect of the expected result. How do links affect website promotion? Well-chosen links act on the principle of word of mouth, redirecting people from one resource to another with the same topic – to your site. And this helps to popularize the resource among the target audience.

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The price of links depends on some nuances:

  • The popularity and quality of the domain where the web resource is located
  • Website subject
  • TIC level for YANDEX search engine or PageRank for GOOGLE
  • The quality of the page content and much more.

Link prices start from a few cents to several hundred dollars, depending on the points above. Popular resources for buying links are MegaIndex, Rookee, SeoPult. You can also buy links on link exchanges, which we discussed at the beginning of the article.


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