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22. 02. 2021

What is a business card website?

This is a small Internet resource that consists of one or several (two to three) pages and represents the owner. A business card website can be compared to a regular business card, which contains the first and last name, phone number, e-mail, position and occupation. Usually, this website is filled with only the most important and necessary information about the company, its services, a feedback form, contacts and other information that may be needed for a potential client are posted. Business card website development will be an excellent option for those who do not need a web portal with a lot of information. It is very important that this site is simple and understandable to use with well-written texts, has an attractive and, most importantly, unique design, because this resource creates the image and prestige of its owner.

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What is a business card website for?

First, its main task is to provide the client with information about what the owner is doing in the most concise format;
Secondly, the use of a business card site will serve as a good and high-quality advertisement;
Thirdly, the website should evoke positive emotions in the potential client and a desire to work with its owner.
It is necessary to take the most responsible approach to the design and content of this Internet resource.
When creating a business card site, the components that will represent your company in the market in the best way possible.

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Elements of a business card website

To develop a flawless business card website, we recommend using elements such as
• Logo;
• Title;
• Tagline;
• Section “About us”;
• List of services offered;
• Contact information of the company;
• Feedback form;
Links to profile on social networks.
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If there are no questions about the logo and the name of the company, then the presence of the slogan shows that the owners of the company take their business as seriously as possible, if they did not spare resources for additional services of advertisers.
It is advisable to place the section “About us” on the website on a separate page, here information about the company, as well as its owner, should be placed. Information about the owner will give the impression that the client is communicating directly with him. Also, in this section of the site, you can acquaint the client with the main specialists of the company.
The list of services offered should be a must! Remember that the site works like a business card, and having a list of services will help you attract exactly the customers who need them.

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Contacts and feedback form on the site

Contacts are necessary so that the client can easily and quickly contact your company, make an appointment, receive this or that information that interests him.
The feedback form on the site works in the following order: the client leaves his name, contacts (e-mail or phone), as well as key questions that interest him. You need to answer the questions of a site visitor as quickly as possible, preferably within the first 20-30 minutes, so that a potential client does not lose the desire to buy or order a product or service offered on the site.
The presence of these basic elements does not exclude the fact that it is also desirable to place a section with reviews, blog, photo or video on the site.
Links to a company’s profile on social networks are a very important component of a business card site! Such links allow prospective clients to learn more about the activities and obtain additional information about the company and the products it offers.
I would highly recommend adding a “Blog” or “News” page to your site, or better, both, as these pages will help promote your site in search engines. You don’t want your business card to hang out on the fifth or sixth page in search results, so no one will notice it.
Get creative with content!

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Business card website design

Special attention should be paid to the visual component of the site – design. Currently, the main trends in web design are minimalism and simplicity. The site should not be overloaded with graphic elements at the same time, it should be interesting and easy to use.
Pay special attention to colors, fonts, logo. All these elements create an image for the site owner. The color scheme must be chosen so that the logo does not get out of the “context” of the design. Remember that most visitors prefer a calm and neutral color scheme – don’t use gouge-out colors. Make sure the font is readable. You can use typography elements that are popular in 2018. Interesting fonts in headlines or subheadings will keep the audience on the pages of the site.

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How much does it cost to create a business card website

To order a turnkey business card site will cost a price that starts from hundreds of dollars to several thousand, depending on the complexity of the web design and layout, content, development time, as well as the number of specialists involved and their qualifications. You can save a little by resorting to the services of freelancers, but there is no guarantee that you will receive exactly the product you wanted, and whether you will receive it at all. Therefore, we recommend that you contact IT companies with the question of developing and creating a business card site.

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How to make a business card website

You can create this kind of site yourself. To do this, you can use any CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Droopal, etc.) or a website builder (uCoz, Wix, uKit, etc.). To create a web resource using a CMS, you need to have a good knowledge of programming. It will be much more practical to use a website builder. The website builder allows you to create Internet resources even for those people who are far from programming. It will be easy to make a business card site in the constructor, but the quality of this resource will be very low, and it will be very difficult and expensive to promote it in search engines. The presence of a site, today, is a prerequisite for reaching a higher level in the promotion and sale of goods or services. Therefore, consider the idea, design and creation of a website thoughtfully and responsibly, which will represent you in the digital market for many years! Good luck!


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