Stages of website development

03. 03. 2021

Almost everyone has had to deal with the creation of web sites in their life. Someone makes a website for the sake of entertainment, someone for the needs of their own business, and for someone it is work that brings pleasure.

We are the web studio “Esfirum”. A team of people who are in love with their work and to whom it definitely brings joy and pleasure. Our web studio was founded in 2013 in Lviv and since then we have successfully implemented more than 100 Internet projects – from business card sites to online stores and corporate portals. In our web studio, you will always receive qualified assistance in various Internet areas: from creating a website layout to its promotion and SEO optimization.

We, as professionals, must tell you exactly how the process of creating a website looks like, from idea to promotion. To begin with, let’s figure out what, in principle, websites are created for. Web resources are created primarily for the presentation of the project, if it is a business site, as well as for making a profit from it.

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The first stage of website creation

can be considered generating ideas. Together with the customer, we determine the topic of the site, discuss a niche (for example, business, finance, medicine, or others). At this stage, we also think over how the site will look approximately externally: the number of pages, buttons, navigation. We separately discuss design solutions – color palette, animation, website style and much more.

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The second stage of creating a website

preparation of a prototype (layout) is. The site prototype implies a primitive graphic drawing of the approximate location of all elements of the future resource. These include menus, buttons, banners, login forms and everything that will be visually visible on the website. The site layout is needed so that both the customer and the contractor can see how it all looks together and, if necessary, change something, move it, etc. There are several types of prototypes:
Static is an ordinary picture that visualizes what is located where and how the page as a whole will look.
Dynamic – allows you to see exactly how the site will work. This kind of layout allows you to click on buttons, open sections, flip through pages.

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The third stage is the creation of the design

web project. First, the style of the site is determined. Now, for example, the geometric style is very popular. Emu is characterized by simplicity and convenience, the main trump card of this style is that it does not distract the user from the very functionality and content of the site. Type has a huge impact on the success of a website in terms of design. The font should be readable: suitable size, color, font style, comfortable spacing for the eye, etc. No one will stay on a site where it is impossible to glean information in full just because the text is not readable.

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The last stage of developing a web resource

the creation of the site itself is going on – “revitalization” of everything that was thought out and created in the three previous stages. Here the layout takes place – the translation of the “image” of the site into the html code. If everything is done correctly, the site will work equally well in all browsers. This stage ends with filling the site with content and launching a final test of the website to make sure everything works the way our client wants. Now you know how we make websites for you. So we are waiting for you at the office of the best web studio “Esfirum” to create a successful resource together.


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