What is web design

25. 02. 2021

The appearance of a website is just as important as its content. So you shouldn’t spare any time or money for the development of a professional and high-quality website design. It is this Internet resource that is the face of the company, and if it is done poorly, it will not only not attract customers, but can also scare them away.

What do you need for web site design?

First, a competent specialist. You should not trust the development and creation of website design to the first web designer that comes across. Consider several options for performers: both IT companies and freelancers. Pay special attention to their portfolios, read reviews of other clients. This is advice for the customer, and now advice for the performer – learn and constantly deepen your knowledge in the field of design, track new trends. Secondly, think carefully about what exactly should be on the site, down to the details: what color will be, what the icons will be, animation, how the logo will look.

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How to come up with a website design?

In most cases, only a specialist who knows Photoshop and other graphics editors can do this. To create a website, a sense of style is equally important, as well as creativity of thinking and the ability to quickly generate ideas. To get an answer to the question “How to come up with a website design?” just read the next few paragraphs of this article.

Before creating the main idea for the future site, you should clearly define its subject matter, target audience and other, at first glance, not the most important details. But already at the stage of creating a resource, these details will greatly facilitate the task. Secondly, you need to think over the color solutions of the web resource. It is not recommended to use too bright colors and catchy designs for the background. It is better to give preference to calm light or dark colors, and choose a color for the text a little brighter. This will make the text on the page play with contrast. Be sure to depict on paper or in an editor a diagram of how all the details on the page will be located: header, menu, logo, stripped. In order to make sure that everything looks exactly the way you intended and how the customer wants to see it, draw this scheme as a sketch, for example, in Photoshop.

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How to design a website?

Website design development, like any other process in the development of a web resource, has several stages:

  • We look at other resources of similar topics. There is no need to copy everything down to the pictures. But you can spy on interesting chips.
  • Make a layout of the future site on a piece of paper. Schematically arrange all the strips, menus, header, logo. This will help you see how everything looks in a complex, change something, fix it.
  • Make up everything in a graphical editor. Most often, web designers use Photoshop to create an Internet resource.
  • Run the site in test mode, and then fix all the errors.

Website creation is a rather laborious process. Layout alone takes from several days to several weeks. And all the previous stages are no less time consuming.


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