What is SEO

23. 02. 2021

Sometimes, even very well-designed company websites do not help to get the result that the entrepreneur expected. The company’s profit is not growing, there are no new customers? This means there is a very high probability that the website is not SEO optimized. What is SEO optimization, we will tell in this article.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a set of actions, the purpose of which is to promote an Internet resource in search engines and increase traffic to the site. Wikipedia

Search engine optimization of the site includes:

website analysis;
audit of competitors;
correction of errors, inaccuracies in the texts (title, description) of the site;
correction of technical errors;
compilation of a semantic core;
sorting search queries across all pages of the site;
linking on the site;
work with links entering the site;
registration of the site on external resources;
– tracking results.
Absolutely all sites need SEO optimization, including online stores, sites of companies, individuals that provide services – in a word, resources from the field of business and information. How can you use this to increase the profitability of your business?
The main task of SEO optimization is to promote the site and increase quality traffic to a web resource. After a competently performed SEO optimization, site traffic increases greatly, since the resource is in the so-called “visibility zone” for potential customers: as a rule, in the first 10 lines in search results. Therefore, SEO is one of the main keys to success.
There are two types of search engine optimization: external and internal.

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Internal SEO optimization

These are actions that are carried out by an SEO optimization specialist inside the site. A preliminary analysis of the site, as well as technical analysis. Then a semantic core is compiled, meta tags are optimized, optimized texts are written, technical errors in the operation of the resource are corrected (code, linking, microdata).

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External SEO optimization

It is a process without which internal resource optimization is meaningless. At this stage, quality links from other sites are obtained, the web resource is promoted by building up the link mass, and the site is mentioned in other Internet sources of identical or similar topics. There are many programs and automated SEO services on the Internet. There are several of them in Ukraine, but each of them assumes knowledge in the field of promotion, and they all work according to a template. The use of promotion services does not provide for an individual approach to each individual site. The quality of such promotion will be very low, and as a result, the promoted site may fall under the search engine filter. But that is not all! It is important to mention what the timing of obtaining a result from SEO optimization depends on. On average, the first results from SEO optimization come in about 10-12 weeks and this can last up to a year.

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There are several points that affect website promotion:

Age of the site (the longer a site exists on the Internet, the more search engines “trust” it);
Total traffic (the number of visitors who will find the useful information on the site);
Loading speed of desktop and mobile versions of the site;
The quantity and quality of resources that additionally promote the site (the more and better the quality, the more effective);
The total number of a site of a given or similar subject.

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How to determine if you need SEO optimization?

First, the meta tags and titles of the resource are not optimized: they are not “sharpened” for keywords, not informative or unreliable Title. Secondly, the site has a small number of pages with non-unique content. All master pages must have unique keyword texts.
Thirdly, there is no contact information on the site or it is incomplete. You should think carefully about how to submit contact information so that the client can easily find you in real life, you can attach a card.
Fourthly, the lack of information about goods, services, poor quality photographs. It is also better to describe goods and services using key phrases. Photos must be unique too, so take photos of the items yourself.
The most important sign is a sharp drop in website traffic. If potential customers have stopped visiting the site, this is a bad sign.
What determines the cost of SEO optimization and website promotion?

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The cost of SEO website promotion depends on several criteria:

First, the topic of the site is important. The more popular your field of activity, the more funds and efforts you will have to invest in promotion.
Secondly, the cost depends on the requests for which the site will be promoted. And also on their frequency (how many times a month this key phrase is searched for using search engines) and quantity. The more frequent a key phrase, the more cost-effective and more expensive it is.
Third, the age of the domain and the information on the site. The sources of the resource can be different in terms of criteria, one can be promoted in a month, and the second in three years, and that is not a fact. In this matter, a number of important characteristics of the site are important, which will be promoted by an SEO specialist. These characteristics include, for example, the popularity and citation of the site on other resources. Следовательно, гораздо сложнее продвигать новый сайт, чем тот, который уже существует, например, год.
To get exactly the result that you need, contact only professionals.



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