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Our team creates websites for hotels using modern design principles. As you can see by looking at our portfolio, we have succeeded in this.
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Advantages of creating the website for hotel

Almost all large hotel chains have their own websites. These websites allow hotels to fully demonstrate their rooms and services to the clients, receive more direct orders, and analyze their marketing campaigns.
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Facts about hotel websites
Statistically, about 60% of people are visuals. Very often, it is the appearance of the site that determines whether the users will remain and whether they will be interested in information about your services. 87% of people use search engines to find a hotel, that’s why the website is very important for a hotel. 90% of users after booking through type booking systems, and then visit the hotel’s website to learn more about it.
Stages of creating the hotel websites
Studying business and competitors
Studying the price segment of rooms and services. Identifying hotel clients, creating user journey. Analysis of competitors in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the number of services and keywords for which they are ranked in search results.
All the information obtained is necessary to go to the second stage of creating effective hotel website.
Architecture / Preparation of technical task
After studying customers, creating user journey, analyzing competitors, the architecture of the hotel website is prepared. Preparation of technical task on the basis of the collected data with indication of the customer requirements and methods for their implementation in the project. The whole web development team is governed by the technical task.
UI/UX design
Development of unique UI/UX design. The hotel website should be user-friendly and easy-to naviagate, and its design must be trendy and up to date. The website should inculde light but at catchy animation. The overall design concept is at all times agreed with the client.
Markup, integration with CMS Wordpress
The next stage is the website markup and its further integration with CMS WordPress for the client to work conveniently with the website administrative panel. At this stage, it is very important to write a clean code and carry out correct integration in order to get a high load speed in browsers and correct indexing of the website pages by search engines.
Having developed the website, we test all the functionality, both desktop and mobile versions. In case of detection of any bugs, our developers immediately remove them. We pay great attention to the proper performance of the hotel website. Our clients receive the fully work product.
Analytics is the most important advantage of the hotel website as a business. You can track almost every action of a site visitor, analyze effectiveness of every dollar spent on online advertising. When used properly, such information may provide trully great benefits.
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Price of the hotel website
Development of the hotel website in our company costs at least 1,200 USD. The cost depends on the complexity of the design, animations and integration of the necessary booking system. When ordering integrated services (website development, internal optimization, contextual advertising), discount may be applied – 10% to 20% off.
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